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gogopuppygogoonMay 15, 2021

Open Arena is an open source shooter based on the original open source quake 3 engine that you can play without licensing the original creative work: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenArena

iancmceachernonJuly 25, 2021

My wife and I founded Open Agriculture Supply (www.openagriculturesupply.com) years ago to support the mit open agriculture initiative that ultimately fizzled out. We'd love to support in any way you need!

AnimatsonApr 13, 2021

Open systems ungood. Duty of thinkpol to enforce goodspeech. Prevent crimethink. Users read only prolefeed.[1]

[1] https://genius.com/George-orwell-nineteen-eighty-four-append...

satya71onApr 18, 2021

Tim Edwards of Open Circuit Design [1] created XCircuit, which allows drawing electrical circuits and the file format is PS. It’s still one of the best programs for publication quality circuit diagrams.

[1] http://opencircuitdesign.com/xcircuit/

lame-robot-hoaxonApr 8, 2021

It’s pretty much an ad for the book.

This post can pretty much be boiled down to “Open Whisper Systems received 3 million in funding from Radio Free Asia, therefore its a government op.”

The argument is standing upon legs composed of two individual twigs, shaky and weak would be an understatement.

WalterBrightonJune 11, 2021

Nobody is holding you back from writing a book, painting a picture, or contributing to Open Source.
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